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….All in all, we had a wonderful time and I have continually talked about you since Saturday, and recommending you to others. …you certainly put me at ease upon your arrival.
You came well prepared and your personality fit well with the evening."

    Judy & Toby Decker – Private Dinner

Catering and

Private Chef Services

Throwing a dinner party for friends is a tradition stemming back in family life for decades.  Traditionally, hosts would have help in the kitchen taking care of everything, so they could entertain their guests.

Private chef services does not need to be a custom of the past. Why not bring that tradition back to your home and indulge in a little luxury to truly enjoy your own party? Better Life Food will work with you on the perfect menu selection, shop, prepare, serve and cleanup so you can spend your time with your guests.  Yes, we do the dishes.

Everyone deserves a little extravagance in life once in a while.  Let us cater to your indulgence and create that perfect memory because everything tastes better when someone else makes it.

Visit the Private Chef and Catering Menu pagefor your next dinner party.

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